Our Mission

Our History

The New Dawn Association of Santiago Atitlán (ANADESA) is a community development organization located in the village of Panabaj, one kilometer from Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala.  Situated on Lake Atitlan, Panabaj is a small community of 3,000 inhabitants with a rich history of culture, language, and tradition.

Between 1980 and 1990 Panabaj suffered from the 36-year long Guatemalan armed conflict when the Guatemalan military, unwanted and uninvited, occupied the community for ten years. In 1990, the town of Santiago Atitlán decided to recliam their rights from the violent occupiers and peacefully demanded that the army vacate the premises immediately and without condition. As a result, 13 people were assasinated in the cantón of Panabaj. In that place today stands the Parque de la Paz, constructed in order to commemorate the 13 people who died that day.

In 2005 another tragedy struck Panabaj- Hurricane Stan. Fierce rains provoked huge mudslides, destroying homes and killing 250. ANADESA arose in this time out of the need for reconstruction and development by helping many families relocate to a new community called Chuk Muk. 

ANADESA continues to help the communities of Panabaj, Chukmuk, Tzanchaj, and Santiago Atitlán through our programs in education and sustainable economic development.

Our Mission

We are a Guatemalan organization for social purposes that supports integral training
and sustainable community development; of children, adolescents, young people and women of rural communities, through education, training and community development programs.