Proactive Women

Guatemalan Indigenous women, especially those who live in rural areas, are at a significant disadvantage when compared to men or non-indigenous women. They are less likely to have an education, have minimal work opportunities, typically have very little say in their families and communities, and often have husbands who are absent from their families.  

ANADESA’s “Proactive Women” project is focused on the empowerment of indigenous women from the rural areas around Santiago Atitlán who struggle with many of these disadvantages. It seeks provide women with stable sources of income as well as to encourage them to have a greater impact in their social, familial, political, religious, and natural environments.

The project consists of two parts: the first consists of empowering women through education in order to encourage and increase their participation in society. This is done through regular workshops covering topics including: health and hygiene, finance, environmental care, self care, and leadership. The second part consist in supporting the women economically through the creation of small businesses and other investment opportunities, for example, selling handicrafts, raising and selling chickens, and starting small convenience stores. ANADESA provides the capital needed to start the small business and provides continuous support as the business grows, through administration support, and advice related to improving the growth of the business.

The women in the program also receive regular home visits from ANADESA. In these visits we monitor and evaluate the progress of their businesses or investments, as well as check in on their lives in general and the application in the home of the things they have been learning in the workshops that ANADESA runs.

We are always looking for support so we can continue improving the lives of our participants, if you would like to participate, please consider a donation, thank you!

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